MAKER INTERVIEW 1: A side hustle and a passion for sustainability

As you may or may not know, I am looking to start interviewing the Makers of Intsagram. I want to know what they do, why they do it and just get a sense for who they are as a person. This is my very first one, so I apologise for how rough it will be but I aim to improve the questions and format as I continue to produce this content. If you would like to be a part of my interviews or know someone you would think is perfect, be sure to leave a comment.

Today I interview Cody, the creator of instagram account @3Dprintingandtechnology.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself.
I currently work a couple part time jobs, while I am growing this company, 3d Printing and Technology. I originally started this instagram account as a compliment to 3d printing and technology’s youtube channel which was a generalized tech review channel at the time. Apart from 3d printing and sustainability, my passions are snowboarding, business & acting.

2. Why do you do 3D printing? 
The main reason I do 3d printing, with 3d printing and technology, is to use the company as a stepping stone to play a much larger role in the sustainability field. I could make projects for people, but there really isn’t one website that comes to mind that has the business to consumer market. And 3d Printing and Technology isn’t at a size that it can do large scale projects. Almost all of the projects on our social media sites is mainly to showcase what we’re working on at the moment; which could be for experimentation or to master a certain skill, like at the moment printing with petg. 3d printing could be labeled as a side business but I view it as more of transitioning from a startup to a small business.

3. Do you remember the first time you decided you wanted to make something? 
My first 3d print was a very small miniature table, about the size of a quarter. It was a test print for the first 3d printer that I had, the mod-t. I can do very simple 3d modeling. Apart from the projects that I post on instagram and our other social media accounts, for 3d Printing and Technology, I do not make anything else. Most of my time outside of 3d printing is focused on snowboarding or working with a media startup.

4. What is your ultimate goal within the sustainability space?
My ultimate goal would be for 3d Printing and Technology to obviously be sustainable with the environment; whether that is helping to reduce, for example, the level of plastic waste or helping steer the 3d printing field towards a more sustainable path.

5. Do you have any advice for someone looking to start their own journey as a maker?
My advice would be to find a niche or something you're passionate about, and to document the journey along the way; whether its youtube, facebook or instagram.

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